Who am I?

My name is Irene Plas and I am the person behind Limwierde. The name of my company connects where I live now (Limburg) with where I come from (Groningen). I was trained as an English teacher, but have expanded my skills to translating, writing and editing, because I discovered that I really like that, too, and am good at it.

I can really enjoy beautiful words, phrases that dance (without being sentenced) and thoughts that inspire. To read them, to write or translate them. Or to coin words myself. In Dutch, for example, I made up kietelknoopje for belly button andĀ sterfstreepje forĀ deadline.

Furthermore, I adore the language of music. To listen to and to make music myself. Music of all ages, from the Psalms to pop music, and from Bach to Borsato. From all continents. Because music has the power to destroy the walls we raise with language. Or, brutally and self-consciously to ignore these walls.

Dreams and new initiatives start with words and images, with something seemingly small that can have an enormous impact, like a mustard seed. With this talent, I hope to contribute to a better world, the peace and prosperity of the city where I live and to do justice to my neighbour.