Fluency and the Guts to Speak (up)

Improving your fluency? Building up your guts in a foreign language

An educational system that doesn’t take the need of a safe learning environment into account, nor the learners’ specific course plans and individual interests, may bring in people that know the rules of grammar, but don not always dare to speak in the other language.

And wouldn’t you know the latter to be the most significant of all…

I believe in a personal approach, in which mistakes are never considered as failures, but are an indispensable part of the learning process. I believe in an approach that takes the client’s personal needs and interests into account. In a philosophy that doesn’t view learning as something excluded to the head, but includes the heart, hands and feet as well. In which creativity, games, music and humour define the tone of the time spent on the learning process in a relaxed atmosphere. In which the fun of learning and practising are the main things. In which, sometimes, a tear is brushed away, simply because, at times, it is part and parcel.