A thousand shades of language!

It is not without reason that this is the slogan of Limwierde Language Services.

Because language is many-sided and every region and field has its own features. Limwierde Language Services is very keen on this. Customers know this and opt for this quality. And so they come back.

Because, as no other, Limwierde is passionate about scrupulously scanning, sharply translating, and taking care of texts. Limwierde ensures that your text is smooth, in tune and keeps the attention.

Who are my customers? Most “are” in the educational field or in the social/religious-philosophical domain, or are an NGO. But journalists, writers of books (about care for the elderly, digital espionage, migration history) and commercial parties, such as restaurants, also know where to find me.

Curiosity won’t kill you – unless you’re a cat of course.

So feel free to browse the site. Or to send a message.

Limwierde – A thousand shades of language!

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