Language is amazing! Twenty-six letters and a few punctuation marks can have massive impact. But how do you get the impact you wish for? How do  you arrange the words in a manner so your readers won’t stumble? So that your text is smooth, with a pleasant sound and keeps the attention? As no other, Limwierde is passionate about scrupulously scanning, sharply translating, and taking care of texts. Limwierde is specialised in editing both English and Dutch. Do you stumble over your own words? Then it’s about time for a word that lifts you up. Examine our kidneys. For translating or editing, or for coaching you during your writing process or your presentation preps. For the guts to speak up in a different language and other forms of support in all your words. Limwierde – a Thousand Shades of Language Twitter: @LMWRDBusiness       |          >Send a message<